Best Buds | 500 Piece Circle Jigsaw Puzzle
Best Buds | 500 Piece Circle Jigsaw Puzzle
Best Buds | 500 Piece Circle Jigsaw Puzzle
Best Buds | 500 Piece Circle Jigsaw Puzzle

Best Buds | 500 Piece Circle Jigsaw Puzzle

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Introducing our first circle puzzle ever — Best Buds! You will be astounded by the jazzy colors playing out in this floral symphony. The fiery oranges, brilliant turquoise, and deep purples are in perfect sync. Enjoy the glossy, sturdy feel of each puzzle piece in your hand as you assemble this harmonious arrangement — while looking forward to the sense of accomplishment you will achieve once your composition is complete.

Product Features

  • 500 Piece Puzzledly Jigsaw Puzzle - Random Cut Pieces
  • High gloss, perfectly locking vibrant pieces
  • A bonus poster of the puzzle image is included with every Puzzledly jigsaw puzzle for help in solving. Hang it up for reference while you work on your puzzle.
  • We use 100% recycled material for all our puzzles and boxes
  • Featuring a finished size of 19" diameter
  • Sturdy puzzle box for storage

    Is your Puzzledly jigsaw puzzle anything less than perfect? With our puzzle piece replacement policy, we will make it right — no questions asked

    Send us an email with a picture of your almost-completed puzzle  to Please make sure that the image is clear enough for us to see which piece(s) need to be replaced. We will mail you the exact piece(s) that you need to complete your puzzle for free. In most cases, we can have your replacement pieces in the mail within 1 business day of receiving your email.

    In 2019, four puzzle enthusiasts had an idea. After discovering what was a shared frustration in their inability to find a puzzle they could not wait to tackle, these four women started tossing around the idea of creating their own puzzles. These women, who also happen to be related, not only love to puzzle, but they love a challenge — especially competing against each other. The idea evolved while on a family vacation, where of course a puzzle was in tow, and the initial framework of what was soon to become — Puzzledly was developed. They each envisioned vibrant, artful puzzles of the highest quality. They imagined reaching for the untapped puzzle potential that was just not available in the market at that time. They pictured other families sharing a similar bonding experience when building together, complete with colorful stories and belly laughs.

    Over the span of 6 months, they searched high and low for the perfect images, eye-catching shades, and stylish designs for their jigsaw puzzles. When their first shipment arrived they could not wait to break their first set of 5 puzzles open. 3 puzzlers set to work in North Carolina while the fourth eagerly awaited for hers to be shipped to New Jersey. They each set right to work. Texts were sent, calls were made, and photos of their progress were sent. None were disappointed. The puzzles were perfect! They were stunning, creative and fun! They were challenging, yet achievable creations that fed their competitive nature and stimulated their minds. 

    These four puzzle enthusiasts had an idea …. and Puzzledly was born. Ready to join them?


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    Puzzledly Best Buds | 500 Piece Circle Jigsaw Puzzle Review
    thank you puzzledly!

    I love circle puzzles! It has the right amount of challenge... took me about 3 hours to complete!!!

    Jill S.
    Puzzledly Best Buds | 500 Piece Circle Jigsaw Puzzle Review
    Really Cute

    Flower puzzles are my favorite and this is def a top 3.

    Puzzledly Best Buds | 500 Piece Circle Jigsaw Puzzle Review
    Best Buds puzzle

    I really liked the finished product. I pieces were cut with sharp clean edges. No dust. With that being said, I did not enjoy working on this puzzle. I found that many pieces fit together, but they weren’t supposed to fit together. I had the edges as completed as I could but it looked like there were missing pieces. My daughter and I both spent a lot of time looking for the missing pieces and looking at the box to see what was wrong. We finally found two sections where the pieces went together but after numerous times finally figured out that the sections were out of order. Now I’m Novice but my daughter isn’t and she really didn’t enjoy putting this piece together either. It was a challenge but not in a fun way. That’s just our opinion.

    Joanne R.
    United States United States
    Great Puzzle

    So clever to solve, with small pieces and round shape. So fun!

    United States United States

    This one will get framed and go on our wall with our 3 others. I love the colors against the white background. It's lots of fun to put together as well--just my kind of puzzle.

    elizabeth l.
    United States United States
    Great puzzle!

    Lots of fun, first time doing a round puzzle,very enjoyable!! Love the bright colours

    Maria P.
    United States United States
    No missing pieces! hallelujah!

    I've had a lot of bad luck recently with other puzzle companys and missing pieces. I was thrilled that I did not have that problem with this puzzle

    Quick puzzle

    Did this in only 3 hours!


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